Law Office of Lawrence Steven Strauss

Thinking “outside the box” has always come naturally to Lawrence S. Strauss. He had the vision to help individuals and small companies with various legal problems. Lawrence S. Strauss is a graduate of the University of Southern California and Loyola Law School of Los Angeles. Since admission to both the California Bar in 1991 and the Hawaii Bar in 2005, Lawrence has distinguished himself in the legal and business community. He began his career as a California Real Estate Broker for Fred Sands Corporation. He became General Counsel for an environmental company where he was responsible for ensuring the company's compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. Eager and willing to not only help businesses but to help individuals resolve their legal problems, Lawrence opened his law firm and has successfully operated his law practice for over twenty-three years! In 2006, wanting to serve and protect the community, he joined the Office of The Prosecuting Attorney located in Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii where he became a premier trial attorney utilizing PowerPoint and an evidence camera in the Courtroom to persuade juries. He returned to California in July 2008 and has focused his practice in the area of criminal law. For a detailed accounting of Mr. Strauss' experience, please view his resume which is attached below.


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